Remedies Beauty House – Opportunities to Be Beautiful Naturally

Everyone dreams of adding beauty to our beautiful planet by being beautiful alone. Remedies The beauty of the house provides an opportunity to be beautiful naturally. In addition, beauty products available on the market have its own side effects because they are full of chemicals. Also, these chemicals can provide instant results but when these products are used for a long time, they proved to be very dangerous. In addition, it is also found that many products contain such chemicals that can cause disease to decide, for example when inferior creams are used for years, skin cancer can arise. In such conditions when someone is not aware of the chemicals used in dangerous beauty products to what level, the repair of beauty houses will prove to be very reliable, and free from dangerous chemicals.

It’s a pity that we have ignored and put aside the treatment of beauty houses. The glamorous model in advertising beauty products really manages to mislead us. In addition, such advertising only tells about the usefulness of the product and, hides the hazardous effects of praised products. Also, we are very excited about these advertisements that we forget all other things and run for products that we cannot say that they can be trusted. Also, a decent price label on these products burns a hole in our pocket while beauty house treatment is truly trustworthy and very cheap. Also, the treatment of beauty houses was tried and tested since ancient times by our own ancestors. Some of the effective beauty house improvements are mentioned in the future so you can be more beautiful naturally without causing further damage to the body.

1. For dry skin, use the avocado oil mixture and primrose oil. Mix these two thoroughly and apply to the skin 15 minutes before showering.

2. Warm honey can be used on oily skin. Apply hot enough honey to be tolerated, and applied to the skin in a circular motion. Let it dry and wash after 40 minutes.

3. This is a drug for peeling skin. In the food processor mix the following ingredients. Take half a cup of oatmeal, half a cup of olive oil, 1 tablespoon of honey and four-four cups peeled walnuts. Before taking a shower, take a reasonable amount of mixture and massage well; Let the break for 15 minutes and then wash your face with cold water.

4. This drug will be used as an anti-acne face mask. Take 2 eggs and separate the white part of them. The white portion whip until they are hairy. Now, apply it in the affected area and let it break for 20 minutes. After that, wash your face with lukewarm water.

5. This is an anti-wrinkle drug. Take one teaspoon of olive oil and milk. Mix these two with two crude raw papaya. Apply to face for 40 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water.

6. Create a pacifier by filling the grated potatoes in a clean cloth. Place it in the eye for 15 minutes to get rid of swelling. This is very effective among all other beauty home treatments for anti-swelling.

7. For under the circle of the eye take a pinch of turmeric powder, a few drops of lemon, 1 teaspoon of tomato juice and a pinch of gram flour. Mix them to form thick pasta. Apply this mixture to dark circles until the mixture dries, and wash carefully with clean water. Use this medicine every day.

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