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How to Picosecond spot removal is effective

In mortal trials, 69-100 of tattoos showed further than 70 sanctifications of colors after 1-10 ray treatments. Reported side goods include pain, hyperpigmentation and hypo saturation, fester conformation and flash erythema, edema and bleeding. Included subjects are different types of ray examinations, substantiallynon-comparative studies and with a advanced threat of moderate to bias. There’s little substantiation thatpseudo-second spotlights are more effective than their minute spotlights, primarily for removing black and blue essay tattoos, with minor side goods. Now we have the 皮秒去斑 as the best remedy for better results.

 In this tract, I’ll partake my experience with Pico and why it’s my favorite product, as well as review the use of this technology to treat different skin conditions.

Good treatment results

 Picosecond spotlights give good treatment results and fast results with only half to one-third of the energy used in Q- switched spotlights. In addition, the prevalence of side goods that are common in Q- switched spotlights, similar aspost-inflammatory hyperactive saturation (PIH) or scarring, is veritably low. This is most apparent when removing tattoos or treating unctuous lesions, similar as dots, lanterns, age spots, Ottawa nevus, and other canvas blights. After treatment with PICOCARE, cases with unctuous lesions are satisfied with the results and the gentle style of the procedure, which provides lower time and better comfort with lower energy. In addition, PICOCARE offers low inflow, making safe treatment of dark skin types possible.

 Pigmented crack

 Depending on the color crack position, wavelengths of 532 nm or 1064 nm may be chosen (532 nm for epidermal colors and 1064 nm for skin saturation). Still, to maximize the goods when removing mars or cheering skin aging, I use both wavelengths in one session. PICOCARE can also treat PIH caused by ray treatment, surgery or other causes. Numerous cases come to my clinic for PIH treatment as a result of post liposuction through the popliteal fossa.

Specific illustrations

 As another illustration, I’ve attained the stylish results for the treatment of post varicella PIH in the tabernacle area and in the upper reverse with a womanish case using the same parameters. Therefore, using PICOCARE to accelerate the release of PIH is a good option for those who can not tolerate the dangerous goods of bleaching cream.

Use of picocae treatments

For melisma cases, I prefer to use PICOCARE treatment with oral drug. Because the causes of melasma vary between different layers of skin and hormones, it must be completely managed. In my experience, lower energy should be used to help hypopigmentation and/ or crack worsening. Use the HEXA MLA (micro lens array) fractional handpiece to remove the color, zoom the handpiece and ameliorate the dermal terrain. Again, I recommend Transamine for better results.

Tattoo junking

Tattoo junking has been a major thing of 皮秒激光 spotlights. PICOCARE’s 532 nm and 1064 nm wavelengths effectively treat different tattoo colors. I have also plant that using PICOCARE to remove tattoos is less painful, with smaller vesicles, scars or scars, and faster results.

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