Health is natural

Expressions: “Natural Health” will show that health will be our natural condition. Health words do not only mean the absence of diseases, but feelings of health, lack of discomfort.

Why do so many people under care for doctors for various diseases and diseases? I will not think hypertension must be eligible as a natural state. However, it is considered quite normal, especially as we get older.

It seems to me that doctors and nurses are not health professionals. Only sick people use their services. Medical schools do not teach how to keep people healthy. They only train doctors to care for sick people. Also, they train doctors to treat symptoms, not the cause of the disease. There are pills, powders, or needles for everything. If the health is natural, we will not need a doctor, at least not as often as. We only need them to treat injuries, such as broken bones, etc.

If you drive a car, and your oil lights are on, what do you do? Most of us will put oil into the car. But what if you don’t feel like doing it, but small light keeps bothering you? Well, you can get rid of that light, somehow. And look … it won’t bother you anymore. And you feel happy. That is, of course, until the motorbike seizes.

It seems to me that this is what happens in the medical world for some time now. You get a pill for your headache, pills for your back pain, medicine for your blood pressure, etc. So, of course, your pain is gone, your blood pressure goes down, everything as long as you take medicine. But medical
The world does not seem to know what the underlying reason of all these conditions, health problems, etc.

Health is natural only if we live a natural life. With the intention I use things from nature without changing it. Honestly I can’t think of food, drinks, or products that we buy naturally. Everything is processed. Often, during processing nutrition is taken. Sometimes they are added again to the final product, which besides being called “enhanced”.

In my humble opinion, nutrition and health walk together. Your health depends on what you eat. Many serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, etc. may be unusual if we get the right nutrition. Also, we must stop putting all the chemical drugs into our body.

One large block of stumbling for this solution is the pharmaceutical world. Think of all the money they will remove if it becomes a general knowledge that our diet can control our health.

The more doctors, and also people, turn to alternative medicine. They turn to natural products not only to alleviate the symptoms, but to eliminate the causes of our poor health.

More and more farmers will re-grow organic plants. When people become more educated and knowledgeable about nutrition, they begin to demand natural products.

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