Health and senior

For many seniors, loneliness is a big factor in their health; Even the world around them did not realize it. Older people, according to many studies, as long as they remain active and enjoy social life that is relatively active, less susceptible to germs and influences. Only have companies and friends can extend life and improve the health of the average senior.

The immune system, whether you realize it or not, can be strengthened only by having a relationship with other people, who are positive. At the same time, it is better to relieve stress, which is also a big factor from health. Lonely people tend to be too worried about their health, just like someone who has a good circle of friends and social health. Feel loved and want to walk away for anyone’s health, including seniors. Even if there are not many people around, only have plants or pets to take care of a long way.

Happy relationships, such as happy and long marriages may be the best form of medicine that can be owned by senior. However, even long and happy friendship and contact with these friends is healthy. Just like eating properly and exercising is good for health, so is your relationship. And just like the wrong food and less exercising bad for your health, so is a unhappy relationship.

According to the study, those who do not have relationships or unmarried suffer with higher levels of stress, mortality rates, and increased use of health care systems, rather than those who have a happy or married relationship.

However, many seniors have no choice because they may lose their husband or wife, which means they need to find healthy and happy relationships with their friends. If this is not an option or desire for seniors, then getting a pet is the next best thing. Many organizations have begun to offer pets to seniors because it has been proven that this friendship itself can improve health and reduce lonely to someone.

Social interactions in positive light are important; The elderly might want to be more active in the church, club, or such a group. Many seniors find it difficult to connect with others, because they believe they are ready for their way. However, it’s never too late to learn how to interact with other people or make new friends. Start every friendship in a positive light and reconnect with old friends through forgiveness and restart.

Many seniors even volunteer after retirement, this is a very good way to keep social, active, and maintain your health. Volunteers are a great way to help others, feel the need, feel like, and feel appreciated. When you become a volunteer like in a local hospital, a nursing home, or take refuge, you help others who really need you.

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