Am I an addict? Three questions you should ask yourself if you think you’re addicted

Do you suffer from an addiction? There are some questions you can ask yourself to find out.

Hundreds of thousands of us are diagnosed as an addict every year. In the UK it is estimated that about 18% of all alcohol addicts bother to seek help[i]. This is partially down to stigma and partially down to the fact that most of us aren’t able to recognise an addiction when we see one within ourselves.

We are far more likely to point out an addiction in a loved one than we are to notice it when we do it. We examine our own actions as often as we examine those. Up the people we love.

The Truth About Addiction in the UK

The truth of the matter is quite depressing. Thousands of people die in England and Wales every year because of untreated alcohol addictions. And it’s not just alcohol. Prescription drug addiction has been on the rise in the UK for years now. Tramadol, one of the most prescribed painkillers, kills nearly 1000 people every year[ii].

Do you suspect you might be an addict? Ask yourself the following questions to find out.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself If You Think You’re Addicted

If you think you have a drink, drugs, gambling, sex, or other addiction, ask yourself the following three questions to find out for sure.

Question 1: Can I Stop Using?

Well, can you? Can you go one full day without using your substance of choice or attending your action of choice? If you did have to go for a full day without using, would you suffer from withdrawal symptoms? Withdrawal symptoms are a great indication that we have a problem with drink or drugs and that we need to do something about it. Alcohol intervention program is a good call.

Question 2: Have I Ever Spent Rent or Food Money on Drink or Drugs?

Those who are addicted to strong drugs and alcohol, but especially those who are addicted to gambling, often spend rent or food money on their addiction. It’s not something that they can help. Obviously if it’s just you that’s going to end up in the street, then it seems almost an acceptable alternative. When you have children and those children are put in danger of being homeless because you spent their food or rent money, it’s a completely different matter.

Question 3: Do Other People Suffer Because Of My Drink or Drug Use?

Which leads us to our third point. Is your family suffering because you have an addiction? If the answer to the third question is yes, then sign yourself into a rehab clinic immediately. It’s all very well to destroy your own lives, but when we start destroying other people’s lives, this isn’t fair. Unless you want to give your children a disposition towards addiction in later life, you can’t let them see you the way you are now. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s scientifically proven.

Are you an addict?

How did you score on the three questions? Are you an addict after all? If so, there is plenty of help out there. If you happen to live in the UK, especially in the England and Wales regions, you can get help through This innovative website will offer you a rehab selection service. When you contact them, they will ask you several questions which help you find a rehab clinic, which is entirely tailored to your wants in needs. The more accurate your choice in rehab, the more chance there is of you making a full recovery the first time round.

What have you got to lose?



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