5 Benefits Of Crossfit That Will Make You Want To Try It

The things that matter don’t come easy. You sweat and pant and feel your muscles burn, but you know that intense feeling is because it’s working. The blood rushing in your veins and your heart beating hard against your chest is a testament to your hard work. If you’re chasing after this feeling, or perhaps the assured results this feeling provides, crossfit training, which is a form of high-intensity power fitness (HIPT), is the ideal workout for you.

The best gym in Dubai has a CrossFit gym, like 15,000 other gyms worldwide that currently offer CrossFit, making it clear that it isn’t a workout program meant for only extremely fit individuals. More widely known as a “box”, Warehouse Gym’s CrossFit gym is where newbie fitness enthusiasts as well as professional athletes engage in this high-intensity workout that continues to grow in popularity.

There are many different types of fitness styles in CrossFit and almost any fitness level can benefit from these workouts. The only requirement is the desire to step up to the challenge. There are new workout exercises and movements each day which help you build strength, endurance, agility, and mobility among other benefits that are sure to entice you into taking up Crossfit training.

Several of these benefits are outlined below.

  1. Improve Functional Fitness & Strength

The fitness levels you improve from CrossFit will carry over into your everyday life. Whether you lift pieces of furniture, heavy equipment, bags of groceries, tend to your garden or play with your kids, the exercises and workouts you perform will improve your stamina and fitness.

As part of CrossFit, you’ll combine low-intensity cardio with high-intensity cardio, as well as resistance-based exercises and workouts designed to increase your overall stamina, endurance and fitness.

  1. Increased Strength Levels

CrossFit consists of high-intensity, multi-joint movements, which can help you gain strength and stamina. Weightlifting exercises and Olympic lifts, such as the power clean, are often used in CrossFit exercises, bodyweight and callisthenics exercises and even burpees, which are compound exercises that will increase your strength levels by putting stress on your muscles. After incorporating the workout for the day, the goal is to complete the most repetitions of each exercise within the allotted time.

  1. Burn Calories And Manage Weight

CrossFit workouts tend to be physically demanding, and since you combine cardio with strength and resistance training with little rest, you’ll be completely exhausted at the end of your session. Therefore it is safe to say that CrossFit workouts burn more calories and faster in comparison to other workouts. There is a possibility that you will continue to burn calories as you go through the recovery period as well. The average one-hour CrossFit workout could burn between 800 and 1000 calories.

  1. Builds Flexibility And Mobility

Exercising and practising these drills increases flexibility and mobility, which is the ability to move your joints through the full range of motion. Exercises such as bending, stretching, and mobility exercises are used in CrossFit in order to promote flexibility and mobility. As a result of this focused work, CrossFitters and athletes from other sports move better and more efficiently, both during their training and in their daily lives, in addition to maintaining physical balance. It also plays a part in reducing injuries.

  1. Scalable Workouts Providing Measurable Results

If you test your one-rep max, which is the highest weight you are capable of lifting for one rep of a specific exercise, you’ll be able to clearly see your strength gains. The tests are part of CrossFit sessions, so you can see your fitness progress over time and feel proud of it.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t do a single push-up; you can scale the exercise according to your fitness level and work your way up by attempting to perfect it. For example, if you can’t do a pull-up, you can perform ring rows or use a band as a support until you’re able to do a pull-up unsupported.

A CrossFit workout could be the perfect activity for you if you are interested in getting fit and healthy, while enjoying the process of working out as well. Performing CrossFit exercises is an effective way to lose weight, build strength, agility, and flexibility, as well as improve your aerobic fitness. You’ll become stronger and more flexible if you have a strong core; your balance will improve, and you’ll have better looking abs as a result. In light of the many benefits offered by CrossFit training, we hope that you will be inspired to start your crossfit journey with Warehouse Gym today!

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